Actinopodidae Spiders

The spiders of Actinopodidae family are distributed in 3 genera, namely, Plesiolena, Missulena, and Actinopus. There are total 69 species included in those genera.

Actinopodidae Spiders

Spider Belonging to this Family


Physical Description and Identification


Size: Usually the spiders are 0.39-1.1 in (1-3 cm).

Color: Black, red, brown are common, sometimes the combination of the first two colors is observed, all depend on the gender and species.

Other Characteristic Features: Many spiders have a glossy carapace.


Not many information is there regarding the features and conditions of eggs, but spiders of Missulena genus produce round eggs in sacs.


Spiderlings are believed to be going away from their sac, after spending initial days with their mothers.

The Web

They do not possibly make webs for predation. Although they can generate silk to secure their burrows they live in, for making trapdoors.

Are Actinopodidae Spiders Venomous

Spiders of the Missulena genus might be slightly venomous but not much is known about their cousins.

Quick Facts

Distribution South America and Oceania
Habitat Mostly in Burrows
Diet Scorpions, wasps, flies, and other insects
Lifespan Not known

Did You Know

  • Missulena spiders’ venom reportedly has medical values.