Arkyidae Spiders

Arkyidae, a family of araneomorph spiders were initially a part of the Araneidae subfamily, but evolved into a complete family of their own in 2017. There are two genera and over 40 species in the family as per April 2019 records.


Arkyidae Spiders

Spiders Belonging To This Family



  • Arkys alatus
  • Arkys alticephala
  • Arkys brevipalpus
  • Arkys bulburinensis
  • Arkys cicatricosus
  • Arkys cornutus
  • Arkys curtulus
  • Arkys lancearius
  • Arkys occidentalis
  • Arkys tuberculatus
  • Demadiana cerula
  • Demadiana diabolus
  • Demadiana carrai
  • Arkys walckenaeri
  • Arkys varians
  • Arkys toxopeusi
  • Arkys soosi
  • Arkys kaszabi

Physical Description & Identification


Size: The species of this family are mostly small, with most females having a length of approximately 0.31 – 0.35 inches (8 – 9 mm), while males are smaller, 0.22 – 0.23 inches (5 – 6 mm) long.

Color: The colors differ from one species to the other, with yellow, brown, cream, orange, and red being the standard shades. Most of them have a jeweled pattern with bright spots on their abdomen.

Other Characteristic Features: Many spiders, particularly those of the Arkys genus have a triangular or heart-shaped abdomen.


The egg sacs of the spiders belonging to the Arkys genus are pinkish-orange, enclosing small, round eggs within.


They hatch during early summer and go on to dwell independently upon maturation. Some of the Arkys genus, juveniles go on to develop a triangular body attaining prominence with every molt.

The Web

They are not web-spinners but get at their prey by hiding secretly in their habitation and waiting for them.

Are Arkyidae Spiders Venomous

They are less venomous, not causing a hazard to humans.

Quick Facts

Distribution Different parts of Australia
Habitat Woodlands, shrublands, grasses
Diet Insects like flies
Lifespan 1 – 2 years

Did You Know

  • German arachnologist, Ludwig Carl Christian Koch described the family first in 1872.