Halonoproctidae Spiders

The family is divided into 2 subfamilies. They are Halonoproctinae and Ummidiinae.

Halonoproctidae Spiders

Spiders Belonging to this Family


Physical Description and Identification


Size: Spiders of this genus are medium to large in size.

Color: It could be black or brown anything in between.

Other Characteristic Features: The abdomen has markings of different types. The carapace doesn’t have any hair.


Eggs are to be found inside the sac.


The spiderlings of this spider family are not well researched.

The Web

There is no scientific research to clarify that they make webs.

Are Spiders of Halonoproctidae Venomous

Research regarding the spiders is still going on, so nothing can be said so far.

Quick Facts

DistributionCentral and North America, Australasia, and Southern Europe, and Asia
LifespanNot Known

Did You Know

This family once belonged together with Ctenizidae until 2018.