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Types of Spiders in Sydney: List with Pictures

Spiders in Sydney

Like the rest of Australia, Sydney is home to quite the collection of creepy crawlies. From the giant Sydney huntsman to the deadly and venomous Sydney funnel-web and redback spiders, the largest city on the continent is quite accommodating to a wide range of arachnids. While several are deadly and capable of delivering powerful bites, most of these spiders live in the outback. However, they have been spotted in civilized parts as well.

Spiders in Sydney

Spiders in Sydney Identification Chart

Common Spiders in Sydney

Black House SpiderBlack House SpiderBrown House Spider

Biggest Spider in Sydney

Sydney Huntsman Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders in Sydney

Sydney Funnel-web SpiderRedback SpiderWhitetailed Spider
Eastern Mouse Spider

Most Venomous Spiders

Comb-Footed Spiders

Male Redback Spider Redback Spider (Latrodectus hasseltii) - The Redback spider, often called the Australian black widow, comes from places in Australia. Nowadays, you can find it all over Australia and even in New Zealand.… Continue Reading >

Australian Funnel-web Spiders

Female Sydney Funnel Web Spider Sydney Funnel-Web (Atrax robustus) - The Sydney funnel-web spider calls the eastern parts of Australia home. While they might look medium or large in size, it's their venom that's worth noting.… Continue Reading >

White‐Tailed Spiders

White Tail Spider White-tailed (Lampona cylindrata & Lampona murina) - Discover the intriguing world of the white-tailed spider, known scientifically as Lampona murina and Lampona cylindrata. Both these spiders hail from the Lampona genus, which means ‘to shine’.… Continue Reading >

Mouse Spiders

  • Eastern Mouse Spider (Missulena bradleyi)


Garden Orb Weaver Spider Garden Orb Weaver Spider (Eriophora pustulosa) - The Garden Orb Weaver Spider is a fascinating creature found mainly in Australasia. These spiders belong to the orb weaver family, and they have some cool traits.… Continue Reading >

Huntsman Spiders

  • Sydney Huntsman Spider (Holconia immanis)

House Spiders

Black House Spider Size Black House (Badumna insignis) - The Black House Spider, sometimes called the common black spider, calls Australia home. But, you can also spot them in Japan and New Zealand. They have a dark, strong look but are quite shy.… Continue Reading >

Spiny Trapdoor Spiders

  • Sydney Brown Trapdoor Spider (Misgolas rapax)

Less Venomous Spiders

Cellar Spiders

Long Bodied Cellar Spider Long Bodied Cellar (Pholcus phalangioides) - The long-bodied cellar spiders are quite interesting! Often seen in America's dark and damp spots, they have really long legs. This is why some folks call them daddy-long-legs.… Continue Reading >

House Spiders

Grey House Spider Size Grey House (Badumna longinqua) - The Grey house spider is a fascinating creature from the Desidae family, originally from eastern Australia. But guess what? These spiders have traveled far and wide!… Continue Reading >

Orb-Weaver Spiders

St. Andrews Cross Spider Image St. Andrews Cross (Argiope keyserlingi) - Did you know there's a spider named after a cross pattern? It's called the St. Andrews Cross spider. This spider lives in Australia and makes a web that looks like a special cross.… Continue Reading >