Spiders in British Columbia (BC)

There are a wide variety of spiders in British Columbia. These include the crab spiders that camouflage themselves like flowers, the orb weavers whose webs look beautiful when dew or frost falls on them, or the deadly black widows whose venom is the most potent of all the species seen in the province.

Common Spiders: Sand Bear Wolf Spider, Sierra Dome Spider, Common Crab Spider

Biggest Spider: Hobo Spider

Dangerous Spiders: Western Black Widow Spider

Spiders in British Columbia

Most Venomous

Comb-footed Spiders

Funnel Weaver Spiders

Less Venomous

Orb-weaver Spiders

Wolf Spiders

  • Sand Bear Wolf Spider (Arctosa perita)

Woodlouse Hunter Spiders

Crab Spiders

  • Common Crab Spider (Xysticus cristatus)
  • Utah Crab Spider (Bassaniana utahensis)
  • Golden-rod Crab Spider (Misumena vatia)

Funnel Weaver Spiders

Sheetweb Spiders

  • Sierra Dome Spider (Neriene litigiosa)

Comb-footed Spiders

Running Crab Spiders

  • Cricket Thief Spider (Thanatus vulgaris)

Long-jawed Orb-weaver Spiders

  • Cave Orb-weaver Spider (Meta ovalis)
  • Silver Long-jawed Orb-weaver Spider (Tetragnatha laboriosa)

Jumping Spider