Spiders in the United Kingdom (UK)

There are around 650 species of spiders found in the UK. However, only some of them, most notably the false widow spider, are capable of delivering a bite that is considered deadly to humans. The largest species of spider in the UK is the cardinal spider at 12 cm leg span, while money spiders are the smallest at around 2mm. They become more visible during the autumn, though the spiders are active throughout the year.

Common Spiders: Giant House Spider, Garden Spider, Long Bodied Cellar Spider

Biggest Spiders: Cardinal Spider, Long Bodied Cellar Spider, Giant House Spider

Most Dangerous Spiders: False Widow Spider, Tube Web Spider

Spiders in UK

Most Venomous

Cobweb Spiders

Tube Dwelling Spiders

  • Tube Web Spider (Segestria florentina)

Hacklemesh Weaver Spiders

Less Venomous

Cobweb Spiders

  • Mothercare Spider (Phylloneta sisyphia)

European Garden Spiders

  • Garden Spider (Araneus diadematus)

Cellar Spiders

  • Long Bodied Cellar Spider (Pholcus phalangioides)

Long Jawed Orb-weaver Spiders

  • European Cave Spider (Meta menardi)

Orb-weaver Spiders

  • Cucumber Green Spider (Araniella cucurbitina)
  • Four-spot Orb-weaver (Araneus quadratus)
  • Missing Sector Orb-weaver (Zygiella x-notata)
  • Trashline Orb-weaver (Cyclosa turbinata)
  • Furrow Orb-weaver (Larinioides cornutus)
  • Cricket Bat Spider (Mangora acalypha)
  • Wasp Spider (Argiope bruennichi)
  • Walnut Orb-weaver (Nuctenea umbratica)

Jumping Spiders

Hacklemesh Weaver Spiders

  • Lace Webbed Spider (Amaurobius similis)

Anyphaenid Sac Spiders

  • Buzzing Spider (Anyphaena accentuata)

Funnel Weaver Spiders

  • Cardinal Spider (Tegenaria parietina)
  • Giant House Spider (Eratigena atrica)
  • Labyrinth Spider (Agelena labyrinthica)

Crab Spiders

  • Common Crab Spider (Xysticus cristatus)
  • Napoleon Spider (Synema globosum)
  • Green Crab Spider (Diaea dorsata)

Tube Dwelling Spiders

  • Snake-back Spider (Segestria senoculata)

Stone Spiders

Nursery Web Spiders

  • Raft Spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus)
  • Great Raft Spider (Dolomedes plantarius)

Mouse Spiders

  • Mouse Spider (Scotophaeus blackwalli)

Giant Crab Spiders

Money Spiders

  • Invisible Spider (Drapetisca socialis)

Hackled Orb-weaver Spiders

  • Garden Centre Spider (Uloborus plumipes)

Running Crab Spiders

  • Cricket Thief Spider (Thanatus vulgaris)

Mesh Web Weaver Spiders

  • Water Spider (Argyroneta aquatica)
  • Green Leaf Web Spider (Nigma walckenaeri)
  • Common Mesh-weaver Spider (Dictyna arundinacea)

Cell spiders

Purse Web Spiders

  • Purse Web Spider (Atypus affinis)

Pirate Spiders

  • Pirate Spider (Ero cambridgei)

Wolf Spiders

  • Grey Wolf Spider (Arctosa cinerea)

Scaffold Web Spiders

  • Cavity Spider (Nesticus cellulanus)

Spiders in United Kingdom (By Region)