Spiders in London

Out of the approximately 650 spider species found in the UK, nearly half are from London. None are too dangerous, regardless of their reputation. Though people are bitten at times, British spiders are not normally strong enough to deliver a proper bite. Their venom is also weaker than most biting insects.

Common Spiders: Common Garden Spider, Long Bodied Cellar Spider, Common Wolf Spider

Biggest Spiders: Giant House Spider, Long Bodied Cellar Spider

Spiders in London

Most Venomous

While the venom of any of these spiders is not considered deadly to humans, the woodlouse spider can deliver a powerful bite that stings.

Less Venomous

Woodlouse Hunters

Long Jawed Spiders

  • Thickjaw Spider (Pachygnatha degeeri)

Orb Weaver Spiders

Cellar Spiders

  • Long Bodied Cellar Spider (Pholcus phalangioides)

Crab Spiders

Funnel Weaver Spiders

Mesh Web Weaver Spiders

Nursery Web Spiders

  • Raft Spider (Dolomedes fimbriatus)
  • Nursery-web Spider (Pisaura mirabilis)

Wolf Spiders

  • Spotted Wolf Spider (Pardosa amentata)
  • Common Wolf Spider (Pardosa pullata)

Jumping Spiders