Spiders in Iowa

The state of Iowa has different spider species inhabiting various locations like fields, gardens, sheds, garages, ceilings and window corners. Out of all the species, the southern black widow and the brown recluse are considered deadly or dangerous. They are distributed evenly throughout Iowa, with the central part having some interesting species like the brown recluse, black widow as well as those belonging to the cellar and wolf family. 

Common spiders: Yellow Garden (Argiope aurantia), Banded Garden (Argiope trifasciata), Southern Black Widow (Latrodectus mactans)

Largest spiders: Carolina Wolf (Hogna carolinensis), Dark Fishing (Dolomedes tenebrosus)

Spiders in Iowa Identification Chart

Highly Venomous Spiders


  • Brown Recluse (Loxosceles reclusa)

Cobweb (Theridiidae)

  • Southern Black Widow (Latrodectus mactans)

Less Venomous Spiders

Orb-weaver (Araneidae)

Cobweb (Theridiidae)

Nursery Web (Pisauridae)

Wolf (Lycosidae)

  • Tiger Wolf (Tigrosa aspersa)
  • Carolina Wolf (Hogna carolinensis)
  • Arctosa rubicunda
  • Tigrosa helluo
  • Tigrosa grandis

Ground (Gnaphosidae)

Funnel Weaver (Agelenidae)

Jumping (Salticidae)