Spiders in Maine

The state of Maine has hundreds of spider species though the exact number is unknown. According to a study conducted in 2007, spider experts Daniel T. Jennings and Frank Graham Jr., collected more than 300 spider species from Maine’s coastal town, Milbridge. Of all the spiders inhabiting this state, none of them are dangerous or deadly.

Common spiders: Black and Yellow Garden (Argiope aurantia), Banded Garden (Argiope trifasciata), Dark Fishing (Dolomedes tenebrosus)

Largest spiders: Giant Lichen Orb-weaver (Araneus bicentenarius), members of the Wolf family (Lycosidae)

Spiders in Maine Identification Chart

Highly Venomous Spiders

The state of Maine has no poisonous or deadly spiders.

Less Venomous Spiders

Orb-Weaver (Araneidae)

Nursery Web (Pisauridae)

Jumping (Salticidae)


  • Hackled Mesh Weaver (Callobius bennetti)

Cobweb (Theridiidae)

Wolf (Lycosidae)

  • Gladicosa gulosa
  • Hogna frondicola
  • Hogna baltimoriana
  • Tigrosa helluo
  • Trochosa terricola


  • European Sheetweb (Linyphia triangularis)
  • Filmy Dome (Neriene radiata)

Crab (Thomisidae)

Ground (Gnaphosidae)

  • Sergiolus capulatus