Spiders in Montana

Montana has about 9 to 10 species of spiders belonging to a host of different families. Of the poisonous spiders, the black widow is common, though another deadly species, the brown recluse does not thrive here. Certain house spiders of the wolf and jumping family are also indigenous to Montana.

Spiders in Montana Identification Chart

Common Spiders in Montana

Banded Garden (Argiope trifasciata)Platycryptus californicus

Largest Spider in Montana

Hobo (Eratigena agrestis)

Highly Venomous Spiders

Cobweb (Theridiidae)

Southern Black Widow Size Southern Black Widow (Latrodectus mactans) - Did you know there's a spider called the southern black widow? It's mostly found in North America. It has family members like the western black widow and northern black widow, and they look a bit alike.… Continue Reading >

Less Venomous Spiders

Orb-weaver (Araneidae)

Banded Garden Spider Banded Garden (Argiope trifasciata) - The banded garden spider is a common spider with two types: Argiope trifasciata deserticola and Argiope trifasciata kauaiensis. They prefer warm places and usually aren't around in cold winters because they don't like the chill.… Continue Reading >

Cat Face Spider Pictures Cat-Faced (Araneus gemmoides) - The cat-faced spider, known to some as the jewel spider, thrives during the nighttime. Part of the orb-weaver family, these spiders create spiral webs shaped like wheels.… Continue Reading >

Jumping (Salticidae)

Cobweb (Theridiidae)

  • Candy-striped (Enoplognatha ovata)

Funnel Weaver (Agelenidae)

Hobo Spider Image Hobo (Eratigena agrestis) - The Hobo spider is different from the Australian funnel-web, even though they both belong to the funnel-web spider group. With various scientific names like Philoica agrestis and Tegenaria rhaetica, these spiders can be found in Europe, Central Asia, and North America.… Continue Reading >

Barn Funnel Weaver Spider Barn Funnel Weaver (Tegenaria domestica) - Discover the Barn Funnel Weaving Spider, a spider known by various names worldwide, like the Domestic House Spider in Europe and the Common House Spider in the Pacific Northwest.… Continue Reading >


Red Spotted Ant Mimic Spider Size Red-spotted Ant Mimic (Castianeira descripta) - The red-spotted ant mimic spider is super clever! It walks on six legs and uses its front legs like ant antennas. This tricks the ants into thinking it's one of them.… Continue Reading >

Wolf (Lycosidae)

Hogna frondicola Hogna frondicola - Hogna frondicola is a type of wolf spider that lives in North America. They have a cool grey stripe right down the middle of their bodies. These spiders are more interesting than you might think!… Continue Reading >