Spiders in South Carolina

South Carolina has many species of spiders belonging to different families of which the black and widow and the brown recluse are the only harmful species. The Giant Carolina Wolf spider is the largest species and also South Carolina’s state spider as declared officially in 2000. The Golden Silk Orb-weaver is one among the exotic species presently dwelling in South Carolina’s national park.

In the summer of 2018, there was news of a new deadly spider thriving in South Carolina. There were claims of this spider to take the lives of five people in the states of Tennessee, Mississippi, and West Virginia. However, further reports negated this fact, saying that it was merely a rumor.

Spiders in South Carolina Identification Chart

Common Spiders in South Carolina

Hentz Orb-weaver (Neoscona crucifera)Orchard Orb-weaver (Leucauge venusta)Bold Jumper (Phidippus audax)
Carolina Wolf (Hogna carolinensis)

Largest Spiders in South Carolina

Carolina Wolf (Hogna carolinensis)Golden Silk Orb-weaver (Nephila genus)

Highly Venomous Spiders

Cobweb (Theridiidae)

Southern Black Widow Size Southern Black Widow (Latrodectus mactans) - Did you know there's a spider called the southern black widow? It's mostly found in North America. It has family members like the western black widow and northern black widow, and they look a bit alike.… Continue Reading >

Northern Black Widow Spider Size Northern Black Widow (Latrodectus variolus) - The Northern Black Widow is a cool spider found mainly on the 'East Coast' of North America. It's a close relative to the southern and western black widows.… Continue Reading >


Brown Recluse Image Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles reclusa) - The brown recluse spider is a special spider found mostly in the central and southern parts of the U.S. It's part of a small group of spiders in North America known for having strong venom, along with the Chilean recluse and black widow.… Continue Reading >

Less Venomous Spiders

Orb-weaver (Araneidae)

Giant Lichen Orbweaver Spider Giant Lichen Orb Weaver (Araneus bicentenarius) - Discover the world of the Giant Lichen Orb Weaver, a spider native to areas in the United States and Canada. Known for their impressive size, these spiders are fascinating creatures.… Continue Reading >

Marble Orb-Weaver Marbled Orb-weaver (Araneus marmoreus) - The marbled orb-weaver is a spider with a special design on its body. It has patterns on its abdomen that look like marble, which is how it got its name.… Continue Reading >

Tropical Orb Weaver Spider Tropical Orb-weaver (Eriophora ravilla) - The tropical orb-weaver is a fascinating spider from the Eriophora genus, part of the Araneidae family. You'll often find it in many areas of the United States.… Continue Reading >

Gasteracantha Cancriformis Spider Spinybacked Orbweaver (Gasteracantha cancriformis) - Discover the spiny-backed orb-weaver, a fascinating spider from the orb-weaver family. Found mostly in the New World, these spiders are known for the unique, spine-like bumps on their back.… Continue Reading >

Leucauge Argyrobapta Mabel’s Orchard Orb Weaver Spider (Leucauge argyrobapta) - The Mabel’s Orchard Orb Weaver Spider is a kind of long-jawed orb weaver. Fun fact: Charles Darwin found this spider in Brazil in 1832. It's the first of its kind to be known among orb weavers.… Continue Reading >

Orchard Orbweaver Spider Orchard Orbweaver (Leucauge venusta) - The orchard spider is a special kind of spider called an orb-weaver. It has a long jaw and is found in places like the United States, southern Canada, and parts of Central America.… Continue Reading >

Spotted Orb Weaver Spider Spotted Orb Weaver (Neoscona crucifera) - The spotted orb weaver is a tiny spider that lives in places like Florida, Maine, Arizona, and Minnesota. Part of the orb weavers family, they usually roam at night.… Continue Reading >

Yellow Garden Spider Images Yellow Garden (Argiope aurantia) - Imagine a spider with bright yellow and black colors, weaving an amazing web in the garden. That's the Yellow Garden Spider for you! They're super peaceful and really good at making fancy webs.… Continue Reading >

Banded Garden Spider Banded Garden (Argiope trifasciata) - The banded garden spider is a common spider with two types: Argiope trifasciata deserticola and Argiope trifasciata kauaiensis. They prefer warm places and usually aren't around in cold winters because they don't like the chill.… Continue Reading >

Arrow-Shaped Micrathena Arrow-shaped Micrathena (Micrathena sagittata) - The Arrow-shaped micrathena spider has a unique arrow-shaped tummy, which is why it's named that way! This spider is part of the orb-weaver family and lives mainly in the eastern United States and Central America.… Continue Reading >

Spined Micrathena Spider Web Spined Micrathena (Micrathena gracilis) - The Spined Micrathena is a standout spider with its black and white body and spiky tummy. Part of the orb-weaver family, you'll mostly spot this daytime-loving spider during late summer and early autumn.… Continue Reading >

  • Metazygia wittfeldae
  • Tuft-legged Orb-weaver (Mangora placida)
  • Basilica Orb-weaver (Mecynogea lemniscata)
  • Hump-backed Orb-weaver (Eustala anastera)
  • Heptagonal Orb-weaver (Gea heptagon)

Jumping (Salticidae)

Twin Flagged Jumping - Anasaitis canosa Twin Flagged Jumping Spider (Anasaitis canosa) - Dive into the world of spiders and you'll notice the Twin Flagged Jumping Spider. It's known scientifically as Anasaitis canosa and is famous for its unique look and quick moves.… Continue Reading >

Bold Jumping Spider Picture Bold Jumping (Phidippus audax) - Bold jumping spiders are super cool members of the Salticidae spider family. They get attention for their amazing jumps and colorful looks. Instead of using webs to catch food, they like to sneak up on bugs and jump on them!… Continue Reading >

Canopy Jumping Spider Canopy Jumping (Phidippus otiosus) - The Canopy Jumping Spider belongs to the Salticidae family and lives in trees in southeastern North America. It's closely related to other spiders like the Phidippus regius, Phidippus pius, and Phidippus californicus.… Continue Reading >

Male Tan Jumping Spider Tan Jumping (Platycryptus undatus) - Tan jumping spiders are super interesting! They hop around and belong to the jumping spider family. You can find them in places like North and Central America.… Continue Reading >

Magnolia Green Jumping Spider Picture Magnolia Green Jumper (Lyssomanes viridis) - There's a cool kind of spider called the jumping spider that lives in many parts of the United States. They have an amazing way of moving around! Ready to find out more?… Continue Reading >

  • Naphrys pulex
  • Phidippus whitmani
  • Pantropical Jumper (Plexippus paykulli)
  • Sylvana Jumping (Colonus sylvanus)


Red Spotted Ant Mimic Spider Size Red-spotted Ant Mimic (Castianeira descripta) - The red-spotted ant mimic spider is super clever! It walks on six legs and uses its front legs like ant antennas. This tricks the ants into thinking it's one of them.… Continue Reading >

Nursery Web (Pisauridae)

Dark Fishing Dark Fishing (Dolomedes tenebrosus) - The Dark Fishing Spider is a special spider from the Pisauridae family. It looks a lot like the striped fishing spider. Here's something wild: after these spiders mate, the male often becomes a meal for the female!… Continue Reading >

Six Spotted Fishing Spider Six-spotted Fishing (Dolomedes triton) - Discover the Six-spotted Fishing Spider, often known as the dock spider. These large, semi-aquatic spiders are daytime hunters. They're experts at waiting near water edges, among bushes, ready to catch their next meal.… Continue Reading >

White Banded Fishing Spider Picture White Banded Fishing (Dolomedes albineus) - The white banded fishing spider is a cool member of the nursery web spider group. Guess where it's from? The United States of America!… Continue Reading >

dolomedes vittatus Dolomedes vittatus - The Dolomedes vittatus belongs to the nursery web spiders family. These spiders have a cool talent: they can glide across water in search of their next meal.… Continue Reading >

Wolf (Lycosidae)

South Carolina Wolf Spider Carolina Wolf (Hogna carolinensis) - The Carolina Wolf Spider, native to America, is just one of the many wolf spider species globally. Known for being quick hunters, they prefer the chase over waiting on webs. You'll often spot these speedy spiders during midsummer nights, particularly around June.… Continue Reading >

Tigrosa Georgicola Spider Tigrosa Georgicola - The Tigrosa georgicola is a kind of spider that lives in the southeastern parts of the United States. It's part of the Lycosidae spider family.… Continue Reading >

Hogna lenta Hogna lenta - The Hogna lenta is a kind of wolf spider that lives mostly in the USA. It's a member of the big wolf spider family. People who study spiders and nature lovers find it really interesting because of the way they act and how they look.… Continue Reading >

  • Tigrosa annexa


  • Hacklemesh Weaver (Metaltella simoni)

Lynx (Oxyopidae)

The Green Lynx Spider Green Lynx (Peucetia viridans) - The Green Lynx is a big, bright green spider that lives in some areas of the Americas. Sometimes people mix it up with other similar-looking spiders from Africa and India such as Peucetia.… Continue Reading >