Spiders in Washington

There are different spider species indigenous to Washington of which the most dangerous are the false widow and the brown widow. The northern yellow sac is said to be mildly venomous.  The wolf spider is said to thrive in most regions of Washington DC.

Common spiders: Hobo (Eratigena agrestis), Common House (Parasteatoda tepidariorum), Barn Funnel Weaver (Tegenaria domestica)

Largest spiders: Giant House (Eratigena atrica) and spiders of the Wolf (Lycosidae) family

Spiders in Washington Identification Chart

Highly Venomous Spiders



Cobweb (Theridiidae)

Less Venomous Spiders

Orb-weaver (Araneidae)

Jumping (Salticidae)

Funnel Weaver (Agelenopsis)

  • American Grass (Agelenopsis potteri)
  • Hobo (Eratigena agrestis)
  • Giant House (Eratigena atrica)
  • Barn Funnel Weaver (Tegenaria domestica)

Wolf (Lycosidae)


  • Callobius severus

Cellar (Pholcidae)

Cobweb (Theridiidae)

  • Candy Striped (Enoplognatha ovate)
  • Rabbit Hutch (Steatoda bipunctata)
  • Triangulate Cobweb (Steatoda triangulosa)
  • Common House (Parasteatoda tepidariorum)

Crab (Thomisidae)

Sheetweb (Stiphidiidae)

  • Eared Dome Sheet-web (Neriene digna)


  • Eastern Mouse (Missulena bradleyi)


  • Scytodes thoracica

Ground (Gnaphosidae)

  • Sergiolus montanus