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Tiniest Spiders: List with Pictures

Tiniest Spiders

It is pretty common to see what appear to be tiny spiders on your bed or walls. However, it is essential to distinguish between them and the eight-legged mites, which are separate species. An easy way to tell the two arthropods apart is that spiders possess a thorax, while mites do not.

The tiny spiders are generally not dangerous, and their venom is not fatal to humans.

Tiniest Spiders

Common Spiders: Zebra Jumping Spider, Oecobius amboseli 

Most Venomous

Though they flee most of the time, the common house spider can deliver an irritating bite.

Less Venomous

Sheet-weaver Spiders

  • Bowl and Doily Spider (Frontinella communis)
  • Filmy Dome Spider (Neriene radiata)
  • Black-tailed Red Sheetweaver Spider (Florinda coccinea)

Jumping Spiders

Comb-footed Spiders

Lynx Spiders

Wall Spiders