How long do Spiders Live

The lifespan of a spider varies depending on the species. On average, spiders live for about 1-2 years, with the females having a greater lifespan than the males. Most male spiders attain sexual maturity within two years and usually die after the mating process. A few spider species, such as the Goliath birdeater, live up to 25 years.

Average Lifespan of Some Common Spider Species

Most male spiders live for a year or two, but the females can have a life expectancy of two to three years.

Species Average Lifespan (years)
Wolf Spider 1-3
Yellow Garden Spider 1-2
British House Spider 1-6
Jumping Spider 1-3
Cross Orbweaver Spider 1-1.5
Brown Recluse Spider 1-2
Black Widow Spider 1-3
Hobo Spider 1-3
Brazilian Wandering Spider 1-2
Folding Trapdoor Spider 15-20

How long can Spiders Live without Food

A spider can go one or two months without food and water. Although it does not need to eat regularly, it will frequently eat if food is available in abundance. It spends most of its time waiting patiently in its web for a meal.

Interesting Facts

  • The oldest spider ever recorded is Number 16, an Australian trapdoor spider, which died in 2018 at the age of 43 years after being stung by a wasp.
  • The lifespan of male spiders is usually dependent on the females because, in most cases, a female kills and consumes a male before or after the mating process.