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Dr Richard J. Pearce (PhD)

Dr Richard J. Pearce



Dr Richard J. Pearce is Associate Professor Animal Ecology and Biodiversity Research (WCUC) An expert in biodiversity and ecosystems ecology, specialising in the ecology and behaviour of spiders. Richard is passionate about arachnids and has a background in ecology and conservation. He has served on the Council of the British Arachnological Society and the IUCN Species Survival Commission as a member of the Spider and Scorpion Specialist Group. Richard frequently collaborates in international projects broadening knowledge of biodiversity and human impact. He enjoys active membership across a wide range of international professional organisations in natural history, ecology and wildlife conservation. Richard’s research focuses on the interface between human activity and natural ecosystems, frequently exploring the role of spiders as indicators of ecosystem health. Awards and Accreditations: PhD Ecosystems Ecology; MSc Environmental Diagnostics; BSc (Hons) Environmental Science; Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA)


  • Associate Professor (Animal Ecology & Biodiversity Research) – Present
  • Lecturer in Animal Ecology and Conservation Biology – 2012-2019
  • Bioscience Lecturer 2001-2012


  • Cranfield University Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – 1998-2001
  • Cranfield University Master’s DegreeEnvironmental Diagnostics -1997-1998
  • University of Warwick Bachelor’s DegreeEnvironmental Science – 1993-1997


  • IUCN Species Survival Comission (Spider & Scorpion Specialist Group) Red List Assessor (Spiders, Scorpions & other Arachnida) Apr 2018 – Present
  • American Arachnological Society Member Sep 2017 – Present
  • British Arachnological Society Council Sep 2014 – Present
  • African Arachnological Society (AFRAS) Member
  • European Society of Arachnology Member

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Dr. James Watuwa (MSc. WHM ,BVM)

Dr. Watuwa James

Dr. Watuwa James (MSc. WHM ,BVM)

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Dr. James Watuwa boasts a notable six-year track record in the care and management of diverse species, especially Wild Animels, spiders, tarantulas and more. He has demonstrated extensive proficiency in clinical practices, breeding, and nutrition. His dedication to animal welfare stands out, ensuring their well-being.

Holding a Bachelor’s degree and a range of certificates in conservation and related fields, Dr. Watuwa has lent his expertise to esteemed organizations. These include the Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC), the USA’s White Oak Conservation Area, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).


  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Impact Assessment from Nkumba University, Uganda (April 2021 – March 2022)
  2. Certificate in Scientific Writing, Research, and Publishing from the Tropical Biology Association, Kenya (November 2022 – December 2022)
  3. MSc in Wildlife Health and Management (MSc. WHM) (July 2018 – July 2022)
  4. Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (BVM) (July 2012 – July 2017)


  1. Uganda Wildlife Conservation Education Centre (UWEC-Zoo), Entebbe, Uganda
    Position: Current Role since May 2019
  2. White Oak Conservation Area, Florida, USA
    Position: Trainee Veterinarian, May 2022 – June 2022
  3. Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) & Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
    Position: Support Veterinarian, January 2020 – December 2020
  4. Endangered Wildlife Conservation Organisation (EWCO), Kampala, Uganda
    — Herp Mapper, January 2019 – January 2020
    — Chief Executive Officer, January 2017 – February 2019
  5. Conservation Through Public Health (CTPH), Kampala, Uganda
    Position: Wildlife Veterinarian, February 2017 – February 2019
  6. Bwindi-Sarambwe Mountain Gorilla Census
    Position: Team Leader, March 2018 – November 2018
  7. Uganda Small Animal Practitioners Association
    Position: Intern Trainee, December 2016 – May 2017

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Roy Williams (USA)

Roy Williams’ fascination with spiders took root amidst the dense woods of the American Midwest. In 2008, he embarked on an academic journey at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder) and, over the subsequent four years, honed his skills in arachnology. Graduating in 2012 with a focus on spider research, Roy has since dedicated over a decade to hands-on experience in the field. His expeditions have taken him from the muggy swamps of Florida to the towering mountain ranges of Colorado. With meticulous research and a growing number of published works, Roy has significantly enriched our understanding of spider behavior and ecology. A passionate arachnologist, Roy’s journey continues as he seeks to unravel the intricate web of spider life.

Roy Williams


Mumpi Ghosh (India)

Mumpi Ghosh, originating from the diverse landscapes of India, has held a deep-rooted fascination for spiders since his childhood days. In 2009, driven by his passion, Mumpi embarked on his academic journey in arachnology at the esteemed Banaras Hindu University (BHU). After completing his studies in 2013, he set out with a robust foundation to explore the spider diversity of his homeland. Over the ensuing years, Mumpi’s dedication has seen him traverse vast terrains – from the lush forests of the Western Ghats in 2014 to the arid deserts of Rajasthan in 2016. Throughout these explorations, he has meticulously photographed and documented hundreds of unique spider species, contributing immensely to the scientific community with his unparalleled insights and expertise.

Mumpi Ghosh


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