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Welcome to SpiderIdentifications.com, your ultimate guide to understanding and identifying spiders. Our diverse team of editors spans the globe, each with a unique passion and depth of experience in the world of spiders. Let us introduce you to the team behind the scenes:

Roy Williams (USA)

Roy’s journey with spiders began in the dense woods of the American Midwest. Today, with over 10 years of experience, he has traveled extensively across the United States, capturing the diverse spider fauna. From the swamps of Florida to the mountain ranges of Colorado, Roy’s research has contributed significantly to the understanding of spider behavior and ecology.

Roy Williams

Mumpi Ghosh (India)

Mumpi, hailing from the richly biodiverse lands of India, has been fascinated by spiders since her childhood. Over the years, she has trekked through various terrains of India, photographing and documenting hundreds of unique spider species. Her extensive fieldwork in the forests of the Western Ghats and the deserts of Rajasthan gives her a unique perspective and a vast knowledge base on the subject.

Mumpi Ghosh

Sahana Kanjilal (India)

From the mesmerizing islands of The Maldives, Sahana has developed an affinity for coastal and marine spiders. Living in such a unique ecosystem, she’s dedicated her studies to understanding how spiders adapt to island life. Sahana’s captivating photography showcases the intricate beauty of these often-overlooked creatures.

Sahana Kanjilal

Sharnab Neogi (Pakistan)

Sharnab’s passion for spiders took root in the vast landscapes of Pakistan. With an impeccable eye for detail, he specializes in macro photography, bringing out the minute intricacies of these incredible arachnids. His travels across the valleys and plateaus of Pakistan have helped document species unknown to many.

Sharnab Neogi

James Torres (Australia)

The vastness of Australia, with its unique ecology, is home to a plethora of spider species. James, our Aussie expert, has been on countless expeditions across the Outback and the tropical rainforests, bringing to light some of the most exotic and rare spiders. His work in Australia not only involves identification but also understanding the complex relationships between spiders and their environment.

James Lambrou

Our Mission

At SpiderIdentifications.com, we pride ourselves on our global reach and expertise. Our editors travel, research, and photograph spiders from various corners of the world, ensuring you receive accurate and comprehensive information. With dedication and experience spanning continents, you can trust our team to provide you with the most authentic and reliable spider identifications.

Here at SpiderIdentifications.com you will find separate profiles for different spiders with short to-the-point information, facts about how you can identify them yourself, with picture galleries. Also learn about what spiders bite, and how poisonous the bites can be. You can also upload pictures of spiders you need to identify.

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