Spiders in Australia

There are an estimated 10,000 species of Australian spiders, with only 3600 identified and new species being discovered annually. For example, a new species of blue jumping spider was discovered in New South Wales in 2020.

Australia is known for its highly venomous and deadly spiders, including the Sydney funnel-web spider and the redback spider. The venom from these spiders is quite potent and is dangerous to most humans. However, these species are not representative of all the spiders found in Australia, with no deaths caused by spider bites since 1979.

Spiders in Australia

Common Spiders in Australia

Brown House SpiderLong Bodied Cellar SpiderGarden Wolf Spider

Biggest Spiders in Australia

Coastal whistling spiderAustralian common whistling spider

Most Venomous Spiders

Comb-Footed Spiders

Widow Spider Widow (Latrodectus) - Meet the Latrodectus spiders, often known as true widows! They're part of the cobweb spider family. By July 2017, there were 31 types of them, living everywhere except Antarctica.… Continue Reading >
Image of Red House Spider Red House (Nesticodes rufipes) - Have you ever spotted a red spider in your home? It might be the red house spider! They're often found chilling in cool spots or near doorframes.… Continue Reading >

Australian Funnel-web Spiders

Atrax Spider Atrax - Atrax spiders are special Australian funnel-web spiders. As of May 2019, there are only three types of them.… Continue Reading >

  • Lake Fenton Trapdoor Spider (Plesiothele fentoni)

House Spiders

Badumna Spider Badumna - Badumna spiders are special critters found in places like Australia, Asia, and America. They're known as intertidal spiders and are super important in the places they live, even if they're not always in the spotlight.… Continue Reading >

Mouse Spiders

Mouse Spider Picture Mouse (Missulena) - Mouse spiders are part of the big Actinopodidae spider family. Some people thought they dug burrows like mice, which is how they got their name. But that's not really true.… Continue Reading >

Australian Tarantulas

  • Queensland Whistling Tarantula(Selenocosmia crassipes)
  • Australian Common Whistling Spider (Selenocosmia stirlingi)
  • Australian Featherleg Spider (Selenotypus plumipes)

Huntsman Spiders

Delena Spider Delena - The Delena spiders are part of the huntsman spiders family. With around four types in this group, they have some fascinating traits. Get ready to discover interesting facts about them right here!… Continue Reading >

  • Sydney Huntsman Spider (Holconia immanis)
  • Lichen Huntsman Spider (Pandercetes gracilis)

Orb-weaver Spiders

Eriophora Spider Eriophora - The Eriophora genus, part of the orb-weaver family, boasts ten unique species. Found across America, Australia, and Africa, these spiders are fascinating creatures.… Continue Reading >
Australian Garden Orb Weaver Image Australian Garden Orb Weaver (Eriophora transmarina) - The Australian Garden Orb Weaver is a kind of spider with a chubby belly. It's part of a big family called Araneidae, which has lots of different spiders around the world.… Continue Reading >
Giant Wood Spider Web Giant Wood Spider (Nephila pilipes) - Meet the Nephila Pilipes! This golden orb-weaver spider calls many places home, from Asian countries like China and India to faraway Australia. It's one of the biggest orb-weaving spiders out there.… Continue Reading >

Spiny Trapdoor Spiders

  • Adelaide Trapdoor Spider (Blakistonia aurea)
  • Shieldbacked Trapdoor Spider (Idiosoma nigrum)
  • Sydney Brown Trapdoor Spider (Misgolas rapax)
  • Tube Spider (Misgolas robertsi)

White‐Tailed Spiders

Lampona Spider Lampona - Picture a spider with a special white tip on its back. That's the Lampona! There are 57 different types in the Lamponidae family. Some, like the Lampona cylindrata and Lampona murina, have this unique white-tailed look.… Continue Reading >

Wolf Spiders

  • Garden Wolf Spider (Tasmanicosa godeffroyi)
  • Little Striped Wolf Spider (Venatrix furcillata)

Least Venomous Spiders

Crab Spiders

  • Milky Flower Spider (Zygometis xanthogaster)
  • Australian Crab Spider (Thomisus spectabilis)
  • Green Tree Ant Mimicking Spider (Amyciaea albomaculata)
  • Knobbly Crab Spider (Stephanopis altifrons)

Jumping Spiders

Peacock Spider Images Peacock (Maratus) - Peacock spiders are special creatures from Australia. They're part of the jumping spider family. What's super cool about them? The males have bright, colorful patterns and can dance really well!… Continue Reading >
Jumping Green Spider Green Jumping (Mopsus mormon) - The Green Jumping Spider is a bright green, lively little creature found in areas of eastern Australia and New Guinea. This member of the Salticidae family is known for its vibrant color and quick movements.… Continue Reading >

Brush-Footed Trapdoor Spiders

  • Brush Footed Spider (Seqocrypta jakara)

Comb-Footed Spiders

Steatoda Spider Steatoda - Meet the Steatoda spiders! They're part of the cobweb spider family and there are around 120 different types. Some, like the Steatoda borealis, look a lot like widow spiders.… Continue Reading >
Thwaitesia Spider Thwaitesia - Thwaitesia spiders are found in warm tropical areas all over the world. This group has 22 different species. Here, we'll share cool facts about these spiders so you can learn more about them.… Continue Reading >

Image of Red House Spider Red House (Nesticodes rufipes) - Have you ever spotted a red spider in your home? It might be the red house spider! They're often found chilling in cool spots or near doorframes. And yes, they're really red!… Continue Reading >

Curtain-Web Spiders

  • Nullarbor Cave Trapdoor Spider (Troglodiplura lowryi)

Cellar Spiders

Pholcus Spider Pholcus - Discover the fascinating world of the Pholcus genus, which is part of the Pholcidae family. With a whopping 321 spiders recorded by the World Spider Catalog in May 2016, there's so much to know about these intriguing creatures.… Continue Reading >

Fishing Spiders

  • Giant Water Spider (Megadolomedes australianus)

Ground Spiders

  • Silvery Vagabond Spider (Anzacia gemmea)
  • Flattened Bark Spider (Hemicloea rogenhoferi)

House Spiders

Grey House Spider Size Grey House (Badumna longinqua) - The Grey house spider is a fascinating creature from the Desidae family, originally from eastern Australia. But guess what? These spiders have traveled far and wide!… Continue Reading >

Long-Jawed Spiders

Phonognatha-Spider Phonognatha - Discover the Phonognatha, a unique genus of spiders from the South Pacific orb-weaver family. With around four species identified by April 2019, these spiders have an interesting history.… Continue Reading >

Midget House Spiders

  • Wall Spider (Oecobius navus)

Net-Casting Spiders

  • Common Netcasting Spider (Deinopis subrufa)

Orb-weaver Spiders

St. Andrews Cross Spider Image St. Andrews Cross (Argiope keyserlingi) - Did you know there's a spider named after a cross pattern? It's called the St. Andrews Cross spider. This spider lives in Australia and makes a web that looks like a special cross.… Continue Reading >
Banded Garden Spider Banded Garden (Argiope trifasciata) - The banded garden spider is a common spider with two types: Argiope trifasciata deserticola and Argiope trifasciata kauaiensis. They prefer warm places and usually aren't around in cold winters because they don't like the chill.… Continue Reading >
Bird Dropping Spider Image Bird-dropping (Celaenia excavata) - The Bird-dropping spider from Australia is a part of the orb-weaver family. Why such a funny name? Because they look just like a bird's dropping!… Continue Reading >
Magnificent Spider Magnificent (Ordgarius magnificus) - The Magnificent spider, part of the orb-weaver family, belongs to the ordgarius genus. There are two species in this category known as bolas spiders.… Continue Reading >
  • Enamelled Spider (Plebs bradleyi)
  • Two-Spined Spider (Poecilopachys australasia)
  • Scorpion-tailed Spider (Arachnura higginsii)
  • Tear Drop Spider (Argiope protensa)
  • Christmas Jewel Spider (Austracantha minax)

Platform Spiders

  • Sombrero Spider (Stiphidion facetum)

Sac Spiders 

  • Stout Sac Spider (Clubiona robusta)

Spitting Spiders

  • Common Spitting Spider (Scytodes thoracica)

Swift Spiders

  • Painted Swift Spider (Nyssus coloripes)

Large Clawed Spiders

  • Tasmanian Cave Spider (Hickmania troglodytes)

Two-Tailed Spiders

  • Brisbane Two Tailed Spiders (Tamopsis brisbanensis)

Hackled Orb-weaver Spiders

  • Humped Spider (Zosis geniculata)

Wishbone Spiders

  • Black Wishbone Spider (Aname diversicolor)
  • Melbourne Trapdoor Spider (Stanwellia grisea)

Woodlouse Hunter Spiders

Woodlouse Spider Size Woodlouse (Dysdera crocata) - Guess what? There's a spider called the woodlouse spider because it loves eating woodlice! It comes from places near the Mediterranean Sea.… Continue Reading >

Spiders in Australia (By Region)